Tuesday, 12 November 2019

6 Reasons for Becoming A Florist

Let’s know why to become a florist!

  1. It Gives a Name to Your Creativity

Being a florist means you have a hidden talent of massive creativity and this profession is just going to give a name to your creativity. You can put all your efforts and creativity into beautiful flowers to give a beautiful feeling to your surrounding people. It provides a great platform to show your creativity in your work that you enjoy the most while doing and also make you fully satisfied.

  1. High Level Qualification is Not Mandatory

It is a very good thing for people who are very creative but could not get high qualification or advanced degrees due to certain reasons. Many people get disappointed when they feel abandoned for not getting any suitable job but this profession always welcome such people warm heartedly. Usually high school diploma or even lesser level education is enough to start your career of a florist and that too without any experience. You learn from your experience working there and with the help of experienced designers at your work place.

  1. Online Designing Courses Are Easily Available

Apart from not being highly educated, you can still pursue education being at work through online classes. There are many institutes that provide online courses and certifications which may help you to progress much quicker in your profession. You can also complete your designing certification from online platforms which would make a great addition in your resume.

  1. Use Your Stock for Multiple Purposes

Apart from selling them on your beautiful shop, you can use your leftover stock for multiple purposes at your home. For instance, you may use some flowers to make flower tea and get a refreshing feel sitting on your couch. You can also use pressed flower to make scented candles and decorate your bedroom or bathroom with them. While using this leftover stock for cooking and garnishing some pasta would also make you feel great.

  1. You Can Add a Good Enough Markup

It is because art is always precious and priceless while you can never pay enough for any piece of art. Usually you can add from 2.5 to 3.5 times markup of the original price which would make a good enough earning for you. Also, people in advanced countries do understand that art should be paid separately than the time, labor and accessories used in its making process. This markup is all worth it and you would feel more than amazing when you receive a praise from your customers for making super beautiful pieces of art.

  1. You Can Be a Successful Business Person in Future

Being a florist does not mean only decorating and arranging beautiful flowers but it is a full-time job. You take orders, you deliver them, you generate sales, you keep inventory, you keep records, you prioritize customer satisfaction and what not. All these things play a major role in making you a successful business minded person which would help you a lot in taking your career to a next level very soon.

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