Monday, 15 July 2019

Advice For New Bartenders

What you need to know as a new bartender to become a successful one is not very different from what you need to know before you even begin. The training you will get at your place of hire will be minimal and if you have no previous experience – like probably going to such bartending schools as École du Bar de Montréal, you’re toast as you might end up getting fired or just being there without any progress. However, this post is help for new bartenders that intend to be good in the game.

#1: Don’t be a slacker

If you’ve worked as a bartender at all, you might have been surprised the kind of people that come there sometimes. You can have popular sports men, business owners, well to do entrepreneurs, and a lot of other important people frequenting the bar and this isn’t just for you to admire. Treating them with dignity and respect can earn you their approval and you know how the saying goes, “it is not what you know but who you know”. While working however, learn to keep your conversation short and do not be carried away by customers.

#2: Don’t be tossed around

Now at the same time, this job puts you in a position where you are vulnerable to harassment of people who take advantage of the service and want to boss you around. This work you’re about to embark on is such that most times, the right of the employees are almost totally ignored by first the owners, then some irresponsible people who visit the place and this is exceptionally true for women. This will most likely happen, but don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid or frightened by your boss, you can quit on the spot if conditions are bad and you can’t handle them. Hold your ground and don’t let anything or anyone diminish your integrity.

#3: Don’t stand around, keep moving

The truth is, there will always be something to do so find it and don’t just stand there. Whether it’s something to clean or arrange, there’d be work behind the bar and if it seems like there’s not, ask other bartenders around while your shift lasts. The point is to not be idle, if you know what to do, do it. If you don’t, do what’s in the next point.

#4: Watch and learn

During the rush hour, the main bartenders will be the ones running the services so stay out of their way and learn. This isn’t the time to relax, rather, to know how it’s done. Since you’re new, you most likely don’t know how it works so, don’t piss anybody off by doing what you don’t. As you learn, there’s cleaning and stocking to do.

#5: The tips aren’t for you

When you receive tips, take note that it is the experience and skill of the seasoned bartenders that brings those tips when they make the customers satisfied and happy. Courtesy demands here that you do not touch the tips, it will take a while before the seasoned bartenders will trust you enough to do so.