Monday, 15 July 2019

Canada’s Best Jobs 2018: Dental Hygienist

Are you thinking to change your present profession due to low remuneration, and then you should go for a dental hygienist career. A dental hygienist plays a vital role in every dental clinic from taking x-rays to cleaning the teeth. The career prospects of this profession are quite high, the median salary of a dental hygienist is $70,637 and 0.1% change in salary has been seen in recent years. Each year around 22,600 vacancies open up for this profession.

You can select the best Ontario College of dentists for getting a diploma or degree in dental stream. Begin your career as a dental hygienist will be a good option with a high scale job and a positive employment outlook.

How to Qualify? 

The following steps are performed to be qualified for a dental hygienist jobs:

  • You have to gain a diploma or degree in dental hygiene from a College of dentists, and clear the National Dental Hygiene Certification Board exam.
  • Registration with the governing body is needed after completing the diploma or degree, as they look for the dental hygiene profession in your province.
  • More importantly, some provinces in Canada allow dental hygienists to administer anaesthesia, but others do not. To perform anaesthesia, you will have to get special training for it otherwise you will not be able to perform this anaesthetics.


Employment and Social Development Canada has categorized this profession as a technical occupation in the health care centre and applicable for job alongside lab bench workers, Denturists, dental technologists and dental therapists. The employment rate in this category declined between 2008 and 2010, however the employment rate is expected to increase in following years.

What it’s like: 

Every dental hygienist has to perform different tasks according to the needs of patients as every patient has a different problem like some come for teeth scaling and some come for root canal and tooth filling. So, it is never a monotonous job. Moreover, one of the biggest misconceptions about the dental hygienist profession is that they always consider working as an assistant for dentists. Fortunately, this is only a misunderstanding, the dentist plays an integral role in the health of their patients, confirm the diagnosis of cavities and other problems; but a dental hygienist also helps greatly the dentist during a dental procedure for 30 to 45 minutes. A hygienist is responsible to find [things] that can be really serious sometimes, if not treated.