Monday, 15 July 2019

How to Get the Best Student Accommodation in Winchester

Whether you’re attending the University of Winchester, the Winchester School of Art, or any of the colleges found in Winchester, there are various options for student accommodation. This great because it means students can find the best student accommodation in Winchester according to their needs and budget.

Of course, heading to university for the first time is a daunting prospect and not everyone knows how to find the best student accommodation. Check out some tips below for how to get the best student accommodation in Winchester:


Location is perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing student accommodation in Winchester. The city is fairly large, so there is always the chance of getting student accommodation that is several miles away from your campus, meaning long commutes that bring added expenses.

While not essential, it’s always great to be able to walk to your classes straight from your accommodation. Not only does it save time and money (giving more time for a lie in!) but also keeps you nearby various university facilities you’ll be using throughout the year.

Also, you may want to be located close enough to shops and nightlife, while it being near transport links is always a good option.

Internet Connection

One of the more overlooked aspects of student accommodation is a good internet connection. Life at university is always more difficult when you’re dealing with a poor internet connection in your accommodation, so always try find somewhere that comes with high-speed, unlimited Wi-Fi.

Many private student accommodations in Winchester provide fast and reliable internet connections and they cannot be recommended enough. You’ll be spending countless hours in front of your computer doing coursework, so be sure to inquire about internet connections in any prospective accommodation.


The better the security the better student accommodation, so always check to see what type of security measures are in place to keep you and your things safe and secure. Look for things like security cameras, the types of door and window locks, and is there controlled entry access in the accommodation.

It’s easy to forget about security in student accommodation, especially when moving out from home for the first time, but security remains vitally important for any student accommodation in Winchester.


How much privacy do you want from your student accommodation in Winchester?

Some people love the idea of sharing a lot space with other people but it’s certainly not for everyone. For instance, halls of radiance and certain private accommodations come with shared facilities, meaning you could be sharing your bathroom, kitchen, and living space with other people.

There are options for students seeking more privacy. For example, private studio apartments tend to come with a private en suite, with single-room apartments offering far more privacy than shared accommodation.

Social Life

Not everyone wants to enjoy completely privacy during their time as a student. A vibrant social life is part of the university experience, so if you want to enjoy that classic experience then sharing accommodation may be a good option.

Not only that, but accommodation with a communal area like a living or gym is often a good way to enhance the social aspect of the living arrangement. As previously mentioned, the proximity to bars, clubs, and pubs may also be more appealing for those looking to enjoy Winchester’s nightlife.