Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Look twice and then once more

What is developmental editing?

When someone needs professional help in repeated reading and thorough review of their manuscript, a person in developmental editing background is called upon. It is an examination of the whole piece of literature including single words and phrases and style and structure. It can help fix various mistakes that may go unnoticed by the author. It is also known as substantive reading and structural editing. It can change the story substantially, but it is a necessary pill a new writer must swallow however hard the process might be given the amount of effort and sweat it requires to write a piece of literature.

Developmental editors can help enhance the offered piece of work. It can cater to a larger target audience and the essential aspects for trends in the market.

Should you get your manuscript edited this way?

The answer is, absolutely! If you want your piece of art to look professional and approachable as well, a developmental editor must be chosen. The question that remains is in which part of the publishing journey should one turn to a development editor? Should you wait till your manuscript is booked by a big publishing house ready to be stocked up on bookstore windows? Should you be precautionary and get your manuscript edited beforehand to make a great impression? Should you choose a well established editor and approach him directly or get someone a little less established before going to the big sharks? These answers vary from person to person and what they want out of their book or article.

Agents take up a bulk of the work since editors are preoccupied with various other tasks, although this wasn’t exactly the scene earlier. Thus a professional approach is necessary to represent your manuscript and give direction to your writing for the best outcomes.