Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Where to picnic while in Toronto

If you are going to Toronto in the York University for study purpose then you need not to worry about getting bored while studying,  because there are lots of picnic spots near the apartments near York university where you can enjoy and can get refreshed by your near picnic sports.

Location of the Apartments near the York University:-

The apartments near the York University are with full amenities and services needed for a student to live, and most importantly there are no chances of getting frustrated with your studies because there are beautiful picnic spots near the Apartments where anyone will desire to go.

The beautiful picnic spots near the Apartments in the York University:-

Trinity Bellwoods:- This park is beautiful in terms of every aspect and is centrally located in Toronto if you want to spend a sunny weekend with lots of fun then this park is best for you. For best food you to collect it from the H-bar or from the BBQ, and you also can collect a picnic basket from Chippy’s, Poutini’s.

High Park:- If you love greenery and a fresh environment then this place is best for you to go and chill because in High Park there are a lot of green areas to surf and had fu, here you also can organize a big get together as a lots of space is available but barbecue is not available here so you need to enjoy your meal from nearby cafes.

Ward’s Island:- what is the daily routine of a student of a University student? The answer is simple Apartment to University and vice -versa.

So as if you want to change your routine for a while and want to be relaxed and chill then this place is best for you.

Christie Pits:- Want some fun in the water or want to dig all of the tension in the water? Then Christie Pits has it all for you, a beautiful pool to swim and after swimming an enjoyable place to surf with having pizzas and snacks in both hands from Tacos El Asador.

Ashbridges Bay:- If you are thinking for a casual picnic with your loved one then AshBridges is perfect for you, here you will find beautiful tables to sit And spend quality time with a charming Sunset look.

Dufferin Grove:- If your choice is Gazebos and bonfires than no place is better for you in Toronto then Dufferin Grove, it is close to the subway so you will not to worry about to go back late in your Apartment.

Withrow Park:- If you have an Apartment near York University and you have a class today, but you are tired with this daily schedule then Withrow park is your destination because it is not far away from the University and you can easily able to attend your class even after having a enjoyable picnic.

Cherry Beach Park:- If you want to feel some fresh air and cold vibes with water and sand infusion, then Cherry Beach Park is best for you because it is a beautiful beach with all the entertainment and fun you want.

Etienne Brule Park:- This park is located near the old mill, it is best place for biking and hiking, but just need to bring your own food for a great time of yours.

So spend your weekend or free time from studies at this beautiful picnic spots and get rid of from daily stress and trauma.